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Every time I get a new Mac I like to set it up from scratch, you drop all the stuff that has built up over time and start from a clean slate. The problem is always remembering all the different software that I like to have installed so this time I decided to keep a record to give me a better starting point for next time.

From the App Store:

From elsewhere:

There are also always a number of things I need to remember to configure:

  • System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General: Sign in with Apple Watch
  • System Preferences -> Sharing: file, screen, printer and remote login
  • System Preferences -> General: prefer tabs always
  • System Preferences -> Mission Control: disable automatically rearranging spaces
  • System Preferences -> Language & Region: 24 hour clock
  • System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text: disable correct spelling and capitilise words automatically
  • System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Text: disable use smart quotes and dashes
  • Safari -> General: open with last session
  • Safari -> Extension: enable 1Password and Bumpr
  • Finder -> General: open in tabs rather than windows
  • Finder -> Advanced: show all file name extensions
  • Finder -> Advanced: search the current folder
  • I sync my .profile , .zshrc and .aws settings using iCloud Drive